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West Atlanta Watershed Alliance presents Black History Month 2023

This year, we are proud to present several programming opportunities for community members of all ages. Each event or activity highlighted people of the African diaspora and the cultural connections to stewarding the earth. 

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Do you crave certain foods at certain times? Have you ever wondered why certain home remedies work? Guest speaker Eli Jackson of MuddyWaters Apothecary explained the history and mystery behind historic dishes throughout the diaspora. 

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In partnership with the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper, WAWA led a rain barrel workshop for the community. Participants learned how to assemble rain barrels, the economic and ecologically benefits of having one, and went home with their very own rain barrel! 

Church in the Wild Panelists Include:


Reverend Michael Malcom,
The People's Justice Council

Eli Jackson, 
MuddyWaters Apothecary

Iya ShangoBukola,
IFA Priestess

Chantana Eshè, (Host)
Spirit Eshè Goods

In many religions and spiritual practices, water, herbs, and other natural elements all serve some representative purpose. The Church in the Wild Panel Discussion will expound on a few of the many nature-based practices in certain African diasporic beliefs.

Through this program we hope to:Broaden the understanding of certain spiritual practices such as Hoodoo, Yoruba, Christianity, etc. Understand the cultural and spiritual value behind certain elements such as water, fire & Earth. Acknowledge the African influence in most modern Black religions. Trace specific religious nuances back to their origin. 

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West Atlanta Watershed Alliance (WAWA) is excited to share the scientific knowledge base of Harriet Tubman and other enslaved people that navigated North American forests for survival and fugivity. We will also discuss nature-reliant techniques used by enslaved people, including some examples that can be observed in the old-growth forest at the Outdoor Activity Center.


The hike will feature special guest Tricia Hersey, founder of the Nap Ministry. Tricia will share an excerpt from her New York Times bestselling book Rest is Resistance: A Manifesto, which highlights Harriet Tubman and maroon communities that rejected their involuntary and oppressive contribution to the colonial world. Click here for more information on The Nap Ministry. 

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Come and learn our narrative of Harriet ARAMINTA Tubman from the inside-out featuring StoryTelling by Baba Wekesa and Mama Afiya Madzimoyo of AYA Educational Institute.

Community youth hopped in the Hoodoo Kitchen to make their own potato chips, similar to the ones Chef George Speck created in Saratoga, New York in the 1800's. Youth from the community learned the process for slicing, cooking and seasoning the potatoes. This delicious treat was shared with the neighborhood.

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Get ready to go off-the-grid with us as we create wood utensils in the Old Growth forest.

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O-ACADEMY Camp at the Outdoor Activity Center (OAC) provides youth with a safe and supportive place to explore nature.

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Atlanta is home to many Black environmentalists, Black agriculturalists and other Black professionals (and aficionados) within the realms of environmental stewardship, justice and education. WAWA hosted a Black Friday networking and trivia night to bring these groups together. 

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Participants gathered for an interpretive hike and Harriet Tubman portrayal by Storyteller  Gwendolyn J. Napier


Residents and community members joined together to ferment soil amongst the old growth forest; explored worm casting extraction, and enjoyed the healing properties of the microbes.

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