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Environmental Education Field Trips

At WAWA, we believe in the power of PLAY! We have developed our pedagogy to link STEAM subject matter to five principles of learning; the power of play, place-based learning, cultural relevance, inquiry instruction, and social constructivism.

School groups can join us for a program onsite or virtually that satisfies their curriculum goals.

Please note the following before booking a field trip:

  • Please request trips at least three (3) weeks in advance. Contact us about cancellations at least one (1) week in advance at INFO@WAWA-ONLINE.ORG.

  • Fields trip days are only on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. 

  • Content is usually 90 minutes and we have picnic tables available for lunch. The average field trip is ~3 hours. 

  • Review this full-page below and the curriculum document (LINK) completely before submitting a request form.

  • If you have any questions or special requests, please reach out to our Environmental Education team via INFO@WAWA-ONLINE.ORG.

Review additional details below. 



Most Field Trips will be held at the Outdoor Activity Center (1442 Richland Rd. SW Atlanta, GA 30310).


In the event that your program requires the location to be hosted at one of our other sites, we will confirm with the trip's contact person. Our other locations include:

  • Cascade Springs Nature Preserve (2852 Cascade Rd Sw Atlanta, GA 30311)

  • Hampton Beecher Nature Preserve (390 Will Mill Rd Atlanta, Ga 30311)

  • Hartnett Community Garden (1094 Loma Linda Street SW Atlanta, Ga 30310)

A staff naturalist will call you several weeks prior to your visit to help you plan your trip. At this time, they will, with your assistance, plan the details of the visit and will furnish additional pre-trip material.

Groups at the OAC are led by highly qualified trail leaders. If possible, we limit trail groups to 15 students or fewer.  However, we feel that an adult accompanying each group is highly essential – to provide assistance in discipline and safety.  Therefore, the OAC now requires that schools bring 1 adult for every 10 children participating in the program. If you wish to develop a program utilizing volunteers in teaching environmental education it would be a good opportunity to provide some observational experience and training.

Please send home any permission slips required by the school, and please share the clothing information that is listed below. Don’t forget to inform adults!

Prior to your visit, please divide your class into small groups, 20-22 children per group.


Wear play clothes (we get dirty!), long socks and sturdy shoes, and bring any appropriate weather gear (rain boots, rain jackets, warm hat, large coat, etc.). Please no sandals or flimsy footwear (we will hike), wear sneakers or hiking shoes/boots. Apply sunscreen and insect repellent prior to the trip for a comfortable experience.
Your visit will consist of walks on trails through our “outdoor laboratory”; outdoor study projects; indoor interest centers- all led by qualified trail leaders.

We will move forward with the program RAIN OR SHINE! However, in special conditions, we will need to reschedule the program including thunderstorms, heavy rain, or temperatures below 20 degrees. We will be in touch the day before should the weather dictate a cancellation. 

Pack lunches in large cardboard boxes by classroom; individual lunches and drinks marked with names. These boxes may be used to return your refuse to the school. 

***Conservation activity***
Weigh lunches beforehand at school and the garbage afterward, the students will learn about the amount of waste created by one class. Also, recycling is a required practice. Drink bottles and cartons should be placed in the appropriate containers, half or uneaten vegetables and fruits can be composted so leave them on the picnic tables rather than throwing them in the garbage cans.



Please park in the designated area.  Send a representative to the center to inform the receptionist of your arrival. Guide your class to the front steps, bringing your lunches with you. There is a handicap path and ramp to the right of the parking lot if needed.

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