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WAWA Digital Archive

Archive Reading Guide

Click below to access the WAWA Archive Reading guide Excel file. The reading guide will provide background information useful to researches and also assist in navigating WAWA's digital Archive.

Oral History Timeline Research and Sources

Access more in depth research and resources that WAWA has collected during the creation of the Oral History Timeline. This archive contains a compilation of historical newspapers, legal documents and oral history sources.

Photo Archive

The Photo Archive provides a comprehensive visual documentation of WAWA's history, featuring an extensive collection of rare and vintage photographs. These photos offer a unique perspective on the brand's evolution over time, showcasing its growth and impact on the community.

Oral History Digital Archive

The Video Archive offers an immersive experience of WAWA's rich history through a compilation of rare and exclusive research and resources.

Awards Archive

Explore the significant contributions of WAWA towards environmental justice and community involvement through our Awards Archive. This comprehensive collection highlights WAWA's exceptional achievements and recognition in promoting sustainability, community well-being, and environmental stewardship, showcasing its commitment to creating a positive impact on society.

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