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WAWA to join the 2021 Inaugural Justice40 Accelerator cohort

Have you heard the BIG NEWS??? WAWA has been selected to join the 2021 Inaugural Justice40 Accelerator cohort! We look forward to working alongside organizations rooted in frontline communities to advance transformative climate justice projects!

The Justice40 Accelerator will serve frontline communities applying for federal funds across multiple agencies, flowing from the Biden administration’s Justice40 Executive Order.

Cohort member organizations will take advantage of 1) Informational briefings and resources to learn about federal grants and eligibility; 2) Philanthropic capacity-building grants for dozens of eligible organizations; 3) Project pre-development workshops; 4) Partnership opportunities; and 5) Technical expertise to support successful applications for federal funding.

Visit to learn more about the Justice40 Accelerator.

The Justice40 Accelerator is a partnership between Elevate, Groundswell, Inc., The Solutions Project, Hummingbird Firm, and Partnership for Southern Equity.


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