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A Fin 'Tastic Time

What happens when you bring together underrepresented youth, agricultural training and sharks?

Shark Therapy ™

Great Plains Restoration Council, West Atlanta Watershed Alliance, and Gangstas to Growers forged a partnership that collaborates to implement Shark Therapy. Both Gangstas to Growers and Great Plains Restoration Council provide outdoor re-entry employment in gardening, co-op entrepreneurship, ecological restoration and preservation, nature-based work therapy, and ecological health education for Black young adults who have experienced the criminal justice system.

As a part of @shark.therapy , these young people remove invasive species, restore native plant habitat, improve the overall health of the forest in Atlanta, Georgia. They then take a trip to South Florida to participate in coastal ecological restoration and dive with and advocate for the protection of sharks. This provides a continuity of care for people and Earth, and opens up new participation and ecological leadership pathways for young adults from communities of color.

Make a tax deductible contribution to Shark Therapy ™ to ensure resources for marginalized youth in the program.


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