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Environmental Education

West Atlanta Watershed Alliance's environmental education programs at the Outdoor Activity Center engage local youth, ranging from elementary to college-age in service-learning activities and seek to impact the visitor's attitudes and behaviors about nature through interpretive hikes along trails in our 26-acre old-growth forest.

Our program complements classroom math, science, social studies, history, and language arts curricula through interactive, interdisciplinary activities, independent observation, exploration, and free play.  Programs are correlated to Georgia Performance Standards.  Participants will learn about the importance of their role as stewards of a healthy and sustainable environment.



Self-Guided Hikes at the OAC

Visit our pristine urban forest and enjoy a 1.5-mile hike on our natural surface trail system!  Take time to peek at our animal exhibits, relax under the dense tree canopy, and play on the natural playground.

Field Trips

The field trip will feature activity and a hike through the OAC's urban forest.  Teachers may choose from the following themes:   Where’s the Wildlife?, Healthy Habitats, Boisterous Bugs, Wonderful Water, or Types of Trees.  Field trips are scheduled for Tuesday through Friday and for the following time slots:  10 AM to 12 PM or 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM.  There is a base fee of $10/child, but schools with Title I documentation may pay $7/child.  For more information, please see our registration form.  Field Trip Registration forms must be submitted to  at least 1 month in advance of your chosen date.  You may also call the OAC at (404) 752-5385 with all required information ready to schedule your field trip.


The Outdoor Activity Center is a nature preserve.  As such, all plants and animals are protected in their natural states.  No collecting; no littering; no gum or candy on the trails; no tree climbing; or loud noises during the programs.

The  West Atlanta Watershed Alliance requires  1 adult chaperone per 5 elementary and middle school children and 1 chaperone per 10 high school children.  Adult chaperones are responsible for child behavior at the OAC and must accompany facilitators on hikes.

All children and adults should dress for an outdoor adventure.  Please wear sturdy shoes (no sandals, slippers, or high heels), socks, and long pants are strongly recommended.  Rain gear is also a good idea on drizzly days.  If lightning or high winds are forecasted, please call early as rescheduling is recommended.  Hikes and activities are conducted in light rain.

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