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Enviro Explorers Registration OPEN

Registration for EnviroExplorers is OPEN! Register your youth for an unforgettable educational experience within the Old Growth Forest.

EnviroExplorers Youth Club

Oct 21st

EnviroExplorers Youth Club

We are seeking curious youth to come and explore with us at the Outdoor Activity Center. Pre-teens and teens (ages 10-17) are invited to the EnviroExplorers: Youth Club where we will explore in nature, activate our imagination, and establish lifelong friendships in the middle of the old-growth forest!

West Atlanta Watershed Alliance will host youth (ages 10-17) quarterly on Fridays from 3-6pm to provide an opportunity for youth with an interest in exploration, nature, outdoors, STEM, animals, and similar subjects to connect to the natural world and each other. During our 3-hour meetups, youth and educators will complete hands-on nature-based activities (such as identifying trees, looking for critters, and making crafts) and hike the old-growth forest at the Outdoor Activity Center.


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