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West Atlanta Watershed Alliance presents Black History Month 2024

This year, we are proud to present several programming opportunities for community members of all ages. Each event or activity embraces and explores the mysticism, ingenuity, and culture of Black people. 

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HooDoo's Kitchen 

Magical Hair Oils and Butters Workshop

Friday, Feb 8th | 6:30PM - 8:30PM

HooDoo’s Kitchen for the year 2024 focuses on honoring the Black body and its mystic forms. From head to toe, the workshop will cover the cultural, spiritual, and holistic meaning/well-being of our bodies.

The first workshop will be focused on our crown/hair. Collaborating with CurlsonCrack- Jaila where participants will learn about:

  • Hair health

  • Spiritual connection/power of our hair

  • Hair herbal usage and backgrounds

EnviroExplorers Youth Club

Spuds Like Speck

Friday, Feb 16th | 6:30PM - 8:30PM

We are seeking curious youth (ages 5-12) to come and explore with us at the Outdoor Activity Center. During the EnviroExplorers: Youth Club, we will explore nature, activate our imagination, and establish lifelong friendships in the middle of the old-growth forest!

Youth will learn about George Speck the inventor of the potato chip and make hand-crafted potato chips. Youth will also participate in outdoor-based activities such as hiking and forest exploration.

Harriet Hike

Utilizing forests for survival and fugivity

Friday, Feb 17th
11:00AM - 1:00PM |1:30PM - 3:30PM

West Atlanta Watershed Alliance (WAWA) is excited to share the scientific knowledge base of Harriet Tubman and other enslaved people that navigated North American forests for survival and fugivity. We will also discuss nature-reliant techniques used by enslaved people, including some examples that can be observed in the old-growth forest at the Outdoor Activity Center.

Black Friday

Networking for Black Professionals

Friday, Feb 23rd | 6:30PM - 8:30PM

Last year’s ‘Black Friday’ exposed the brilliant minds and talents of Black folk in the metro-Atlanta community. Coming from various career backgrounds– every attendee realized they all had a common goal/agenda in providing unlimited resources to the African American community/experience. This year, in 2024, we would like for previous year’s attendees as well as this year’s to discuss and work through the following:

  1. Identify 1-2 top highlights of your career in 2023

  2. Identify 1-2 challenges you faced in 2023

  3. Identify 1 goal you would like to accomplish in your career/business in 2024

  4. What support do you need in accomplishing your goal? Where can we pitch in?

  5. What is your capacity for assisting others this year? What can you provide?

Urban Witchcraft  

Scraps of Indigo: Indigo Dying & Textile Design

Saturday, Feb 24th | 11:00AM - 2:00PM

Join us as we dive deep into exploring naturing dyeing with the world’s most extraordinary blue indigo! During “Scraps of Indigo” participants will learn about indigo’s roots, explore wonderful textile design techniques and leave with their very own indigo dyed scraps!

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